VJ Adamek (Sista Låten, Bergen)

Darek Adamczyk AKA VJ Adamek started his techno journey well over 2 decades ago at the tender age of 14 in Poland.
It was in 1991 when he discovered the Techno Trax Vol. 1 cassette, which he purchased at a market. Through the years he evolved through musical preferences with Prodigy, Acen, SL2, Altern-8 (UK breakbeat) and then further to German techno, which he found on 1Live Radio. In 2002 while frequenting underground parties, the Acid Era hit and for Adamczyk and this lasted at least 10 years, which he describes as his best era of techno music.

Since 2012, his preferences have changed to proper techno and underground techno, which still currently influences him. He has played local raves at Sandviksbatteriet with Thomas Urv and Urhaug as well as several club and underground apprearances with Sista Låten as a DJ and VJ. Adamczyk is a multi-talented member of the team and when asked if he could help out with VJ duties, he promptly went home and read a manual of several hundred pages and turned up to produce incredible live visuals at Sista Låten’s first club night at Østre in 2016.
VJ Adamek is an invaluable member of Sista Låten and Klubb Frokost, switching between duties of pleasing your ears and eyes.

For this years festival he will be directing Mirror Room visuals.