Die RUHE Live (O*RS, Kybele, Berlin, DE)

In the German language, “Die” describes the feminine. An exact translation for the word “RUHE” does not really exist, but means something close to serenity or silence, which is actually an often misunderstood irony. This one is sparkling. If you are ready to listen, it is the place where creativity arises from.

During the Noughties in the roughness of Berlin, the dance floors of Bar 25 and Panorama Bar gave Maria Ruhe a home and her love for electronic music emerged. After a long and crazy while she started singing along to friends afterhours DJ sets, but back in those days techno didn´t need a voice, and she had never even considered being a DJ herself. So she decided to do something obscure and study jazz, shut herself into music university for several years to understand what music really is. After her finals she still had no clue, but she had at least made contact with electronic music production and it seemed only natural to combine her favorite thing – techno based music – with what she can do best: sing. She took a few detours along the way, playing in various band constellations but eventually landed where she is today, playing constantly changing and evolving live/ hybrid live electronic sets, drawing inspiration from her many musical influences so as to keep both herself and her audiences moving. Maria’s vocals change their role to best fit the needs of each song as she sees them, alternates from natural to processed, from lyrical to pseudo-instrumental. She also loves to collaborate with other producers and musicians to bring new perspectives and help enrich her sound. Her vision is diversity. Her drive is finding new connections between the sine waves, forms of art and human beings. Maria weaves original lyrics, poetry, loops and improvisations inspired by the life she faces each day. 
Wild Love, Pain, Hope, Luck, Loss, Fear, Courage and other deep Blablabla.